What is Zyda?

By Ahmed El-Koshiery
Understand what Zyda is in a nutshell.

To fully understand Zyda, it is easier to look at a physical restaurant and draw comparisons. A business owner rents a location to set up his/her store. This facilitates the process of displaying products and conducting sales. Zyda is a digital solution for F&B businesses that provides an online store to facilitate the process of displaying products and conducting sales. Similar to a physical store, where owners rent a location to set up their store, Zyda allows business owners to acquire an online store that is fully equipped and ready to use immediately. The setup process takes only 24-48 hours.

You will need a location, menu, payment methods, delivery, and marketing to open a physical restaurant. And to open a digital store, you will have similar requirements but in a digital format. Zyda meets all the requirements by equipping business owners with the needed tools for their online businesses.

In addition to providing a website, Zyda offers a range of features to meet the needs of a business. A business needs the following:

  • A Location
  • A menu
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery
  • Marketing

Zyda's digital store meets those needs as follows:

  • Location: A website and application both featuring your brand name and logo.

  • Menu: A robust menu system that allows you to display your products in various ways and offers options for customers to customize their orders.

  • Payment methods: Zyda integrates with multiple payment gateways, allowing customers to pay electronically or by cash.

  • Delivery: Zyda partners with third-party delivery service providers, enabling you to use your own fleet or a partner's service.

  • Marketing: Zyda provides powerful tools like CRM and Vouchers, in addition to analytics tool that helps to reach current and potential customers and encourage sales.

    Zyda is not just a store, but a fully-fledged solution that targets every pain point for business owners. Contact Zyda experts now to learn more about our product.