Marketing and customer engagement

Reach a wider base of new customers and turn them into loyal regulars.

Talk to sales

Database of customers


Increase in same store sales YoY (2019)


Amount of guest data captured with on-premise ordering

Know every customer and earn loyalty.

Understand and cater for the needs of every customer, target each customer segment with the right marketing campaign and monitor the increase in your “regulars”.

Connect directly to every customer.

Have access to all the needed data about your customers and understand their preferences and behavior.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool
  • Customer segments based on ordering habits
  • Segment targeting

Better utilize your data.

Target each customer segment with a marketing campaign relevant to their preferences.

  • Targeted SMS campaigns
  • Customer retention campaigns

Tailor your communications.

Tailor your messages and SMS campaigns to express your brand and the occasion you are sending your campaigns at.

  • Tailored bilingual SMSes
  • Diverse SMS credits packages

Strategize your Growth.

Gauge the success of your campaigns besides tracking the traffic from the different ordering channels.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Social tracking pixels
  • Google Analytics
  • Voucher customization and tracking

See what our successful restaurants are saying about our CRM.

We are changing the way restaurants are dealing with their customers online.

Engage is more than just another list of customers' names and numbers. It’s an entire kit of tools and insights that enables every restaurant from being in control of their relationship with their customers. Engage gives restaurants the edge with in-depth analytics to build powerful campaigns. Automate your marketing campaigns for low-effort, high-performance results.

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