Transform Your Operations: Embrace Zyda's Cloud-Based Call Center

Supercharge your digital transformation journey with Zyda's cutting-edge cloud-based call center solution. Elevate your online ordering capabilities and streamline your operations with the only call center designed to enhance your restaurant's efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Orders since launch mid-2022


Likelihood in making an order (comparing to traditional online ordering)

Accelerate your digital transformation with a cloud-based call center.

Our suite of operational support services ensures streamlined processes and enhanced customer satisfaction. Zyda empowers your restaurant to deliver superior customer service and drive business success.

Expert Food Ordering Agents

Our specialized agents are trained to understand the unique preferences of your hungry clientele, ensuring seamless ordering experiences every time.

  • Well-trained ready-to-start shared agents
  • Specialization in food and beverage ordering
Call center services with professional agents

Scale Up and Control Costs with Zyda's Ring Solution

Achieve unprecedented scalability and cost control with Zyda's innovative solutions.

  • Operational scalability up to +300 agents.
  • Choice between shared or dedicated agents
  • IVR conversion to online ordering
Control your restaurant costs with our call center service

Streamline Operations with a Comprehensive Dashboard

Ease your operational workload with Zyda's all-inclusive dashboard, designed for efficient order management and insightful sales analytics.

  • Manual ordering to record call center orders on Zyda's dashboard
  • Sales analytics and user behavior reports
  • Sales analytics per branch and for every ordering mode (e.g., delivery vs. pickup)
  • Weekly and monthly performance monitoring reports
  • Managing up to 25 locations
  • Pass on telecom costs
Have hassle free restaurant operations

Delight your customers with the best Customer Service.

Ensure the highest levels of satisfaction for customers who prefer to reach out via phone, with dedicated services tailored to their needs.

  • Order complaints handling
  • Unlimited vouchers that can be sent through the call center
  • Courtesy call after orders
Provide the best experience for your customers

Let’s change how your customers order. Together.

With our expert guidance, discover how Zyda can unlock new opportunities for growth and elevate your restaurant to new heights.

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