Efficient Operation Management with Zyda

Optimize your operations with Zyda's comprehensive solutions, allowing you to seamlessly manage your fleet and streamline delivery processes from a single dashboard.

  • Fully manage your own fleet from the same dashboard and integrate with multiple delivery companies.
  • Better understand your delivery costs and pay for the successfully delivered orders only.
  • Track your orders in real-time (according to provider) and stay on top of your customer updates.
  • Remove the hassle of contracting delivery providers and browsing many dashboards.

  • Access detailed sales analytics per location or per ordering/payment mode (eg., delivery vs. pickup, online payment vs. cash).
  • Track and understand your customers' ordering behaviors and preferred menu items and categories.
  • Manage your menu categories and menu items seamlessly to match your customers' preferences.
  • Add unlimited users, assign operators to each location and assign access per user role for the best dashboard management.
  • Keep track of your inventory capacity and items' availability to set your customers' expectations.
  • Add more branches as you scale and monitor each location's performance and success.

  • Hire call-center agents that are highly trained and well-rounded in the F&B industry.
  • Manage all your orders in the same place.
  • Receive reports and insights from the same dashboard.

Thousands of brands spurred their selling everywhere with their direct ordering platforms.

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