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We revolutionize the way restaurants handle orders, providing seamless experiences for both customers and restaurant owners.


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Why Choose Zyda's Ordering Platform

Revolutionize your restaurant's ordering process with Zyda's innovative platform

Versatile Ordering Options

From delivery to pickup and beach ordering, Zyda offers a wide array of ordering channels to meet every customer's needs

  • Diverse payment options
  • Integrations with POS systems
  • Delivery, pickup, beach ordering, and car pickup
Manage your orders with one dashboard

Hassle-Free Operations

Effortlessly manage users, menu items, and more from one centralized location with Zyda's intuitive platform.

  • Unlimited users with customized access per role
  • Operators assigned to their relevant locations
  • Stock management and item tracking
  • Easily editable menu items and categories
  • Sales analytics and user behavior breakdown.
Control your operations

Social Media Integration

Transform your social media presence into a revenue stream with Zyda's integration features, including exclusive buttons and shop setups.

  • Exclusive "order food" button on Instagram
  • Facebook and Instagram shops set-up
  • Social tracking with Facebook and Snapchat Pixels, and Google Tag Manager.
Sell on Social Media

Lightning-Fast Checkout

Deliver unparalleled speed and convenience to your customers with Zyda's lightning-fast checkout process.

  • Address and payment data saved across a network of more than +3000 restaurants
  • Fake order prevention with OTP
  • "Orderfast Links" to gather all your ordering links in one place
  • Customizable cash-back loyalty program
Seamless ordering experience

Scale with our growing list of partners.

Our network of partners within the food and beverage industry is big! It is even growing by the day to bring you more payment, POS, and delivery solutions that fit every business size and need.

Apple Pay Mastercard Visa Foodics Deliverect

Feeling the need for a change?

Upgrade your restaurant's ordering platform to Zyda and watch your business flourish!

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