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Zyda's 2022 Product Updates

By Hassan Hesham

2022 has been an excellent year for Zyda! We are happy to share this year's product review with you. As a company that helps restaurants generate and grow their direct sales, and manage the ordering experience, and relationships with their customers, we are happy to share what has been keeping us busy this year.

From the release of the Orderfast network, restaurant mobile apps, and our new loyalty cashback program, here's a roundup of key product updates and innovations for 2022.

 New Features:

  1. 1. Verd Network

Verd Network was created to make delivery services more accessible to all our clients by creating a seamless connection between restaurants and top Delivery service providers (DSPs). It enables restaurants to link with several delivery couriers simultaneously and optimize the order management experience for delivery orders. 


2. Verd Dispatch

The dispatch flow complements the Verd network by adding straightforward, practical communication between the store and its drivers. Order alerts are sent to drivers via Whatsapp. WhatsApp manages the entire process, including order information and status updates from the driver to the restaurant and back.


  1. 3. Cashback

Our cashback loyalty program helps you retain visitors and turned them into loyal customers. Customize your own program to reward your customers on every purchase. The Cashback program boosts return rates and average order value, accelerating your restaurant’s success and growth.


4. Mobile App 

Your restaurant can now have its own mobile app with Zyda. Your app is linked to your website removing the hassle of designing and maintaining a separate channel. For restaurants with a loyal following who are always on the go and looking for a fast ordering experience, an app would provide a direct connection to your customers.

Your restaurant can benefit from a well-designed mobile app with easier ordering, tracking, and more personalized marketing with push notifications. 


5. Delivery Zones

Our new delivery zone system allows you to choose from hundreds of predefined zones or draw precise zones on an interactive map. You can also view and manage zones in the all-new table view and easily transfer zones from one store to another.

It also eliminates the need for end customers to select a delivery zone for a better customer experience, we just utilize the phone’s location for precise delivery, or the user can easily choose a different location from the map.


 6. Orderfast Links

The Orderfast link is your bio link solution to showcase all your restaurant channels in one place while making it super easy for your customers to start ordering. One page for all your links, one button to start ordering.


7. Branded Experiences

Zyda’s branded experience allows your website to reflect your restaurant brand's, look and feel. Your unique brand identity is reflected in your name, logo, fonts, and colors. You can customize your logo and cover image, and choose the text's colors, fonts, and sizes to create the unique look of your brand. 


8. Order Food button/sticker

Meta’s Order Food button is a direct way for restaurants to connect their followers (Instagram/Facebook) to their ordering websites. It is also a powerful way for restaurants to boost their sales and increase their revenue.

Today, restaurants enjoy having the Order Food button right on their profile page or as a sticker on their stories. The benefit can really be a game-changer, with the number of clicks minimized, customers could just jump from a restaurant’s Instagram profile to their website. Zyda is proud to be the only approved partner by Meta for food ordering on Instagram and Facebook in the region.



That was a summary of some of the most significant updates we have done in 2022. You can expect many more remarkable features and updates to our product in 2023. So keep an eye out for what is yet to come.