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How to prepare your food business for Ramadan?

By Hassan Hesham

Ramadan is the most important month in the Muslim World and It is a significant moment for all things food in the Middle East. 


According to estimations for Ramadan 2022 in the Middle East and North Africa, online consumer spending has been valued at 6.2 billion USD a 39% increase compared to the year before. Online purchases rise strongly before and during the holy month, with 35% of MENA consumers saying they prefer to shop online during Ramadan.

Therefore, businesses that want to take advantage of the season should prepare their Ramadan operations and marketing strategies in advance.

Businesses that sell frozen foods or food ingredients should start their marketing efforts earlier. People tend to prepare for the month weeks before. Google’s research shows that grocery shopping and delivery searches are at their highest of the year one week before Ramadan. The first 2 weeks of Ramadan are when people gather over homemade meals where they depend on buying ingredients to prepare meals for gatherings. 

Dessert sales also peak during the month. As families and friends gather during Ramadan, a well-known tradition is visiting people and bringing a dessert. Melenzane managed to sell over 350 Milky cakes per day via the Zyda site during Ramadan even though they are not a desserts shop.

While the first two weeks are about cooking at home and gathering, the last two are about going out. Google sees an increase in searches looking for iftar and suhoor. 

With all the facts listed, it is important to be well-prepared to benefit from the increased demand. Here is a checklist for you to be ready to boost your sales during the month:


Online Presence: As online search and shopping increase during the month, It is important to be present online with your own ordering channel.

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Offers: Think about your offers whether it is in a form of a discount or bundles. Promote your offers on social media and your ordering platform.

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Communication: As people are spending more time on their phones and online, it is important to reach them with the right messages.  Brands should ensure they provide updated information including their Ramadan hours, menus, and offers. Reach out to your customers with online ads and SMS campaigns.


Activate scheduled orders: Scheduled orders should be activated, allowing customers to schedule their orders in advance, which will help manage operations during the peak time of iftar and suhoor.


Activate pickup and car pickup:  Enabling pickup options is important to avoid long queues and can enhance customers' experience, especially for those who buy desserts while visiting family and friends just before iftar.


In conclusion, businesses should prepare in advance to capitalize on the opportunities that Ramadan presents. By following these tips and being well-prepared, businesses can increase their sales during this significant month. 

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