Top 9 Point-of-Sale Systems For Restaurants in the Middle East

By Sarah Al-Waleed
Top POS systems in the MENA Region.

Point of Sale systems, or POS for short, are the lifeblood of any restaurant: they take in orders, accept payments, organize operations, manage inventories, and do so much more. A good POS can make life easier for everyone, from a restaurant owner all the way to the restaurant operator standing behind the counter and punching in the order. 

So, when investing in one, you want to make a careful, thoughtful decision. You want to consider all the possible aspects that can affect your business, including the system's price, features, reliability, and so on.

Accordingly, and without further ado, here are nine more POS systems that can power your business:

1. Posist

2. Vista Entertainment Solutions

3. Ajwan

4. Easy POS

5. Vend

6. Omega

7. Ordermate

8. EPOS Now

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Let's get to know these systems better

1. Posist

The logo of Posist POS


POSist was created in 2012 as a project by a group of tech enthusiasts and restaurant management students. Their passion for food and technology led them to set up a SaaS cloud-based POS solution for restaurants. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and serves over 10,000 restaurants in 35 countries.

Posist helps restaurants with all their needs, from opening up new markets by creating virtual stores in other countries on the platform to integrating with aggregators and providing immediate discounts and loyalty programs.


1 .Basic Reporting

2. Multi-Location

3. Order Management

4. Table management

5. Activity Dashboard

6. Alerts/Notifications

7. Kitchen Ticketing

8. Reservations

Other Products and Add-ons

1.Anti-Theft Software

2. CRM

3. Contactless Dining

4. Online Ordering

5. Reporting and Analytics

6. Stocks and Inventory

7. Loyalty programs

8. The Posist Marketplace:

A robust platform with over 150+ integrations with global food aggregators, payment gateways, accounting software, employee scheduling tools, logistics partners, and more. A few examples include Deliverect, Zomato, Xero, Oracle, and LoyaltyPlant.


Taco Bell, Nando's, Carl's Jr, Häagen-Dazs, and Jamie's Italian are but a few brands using Posist to manage their operations.


Posist's competitive prices are available on request.


"The best part of the software is its reports that get generated in a real-time manner. Also, the best part is the cockpit app from where you can see the reports from the Mobile." – Banu P, G2.

"My overall experience is very satisfying, and I'm so glad I choose POSist. It has so much to offer and is changing the way I'm making decisions and running my Outlet." – Rajesh K, Capterra.

2. Vista Entertainment Solutions

The logo of Vista Entertainment Solutions


Vista Entertainment Solutions was founded in 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand. Since then, the company has been the frontrunner in providing POS solutions to restaurants in cinemas and movie halls. Vista POS is powerful, efficient, and capable of performing complex order functions without confusion. 

Vista POS allows all orders to flow through a single kitchen system to streamline operations. You can keep your customers updated with instant communication of order status and inform your kitchen team of the instant updates, edits, and cancellations of orders.


1. Increases the speed of sales with a dedicated training mode and a fast, fluid interface. 

2. Splits payment transactions to loyalty program members.

3. Allows payment processing at any workstation and can issue full or partial refunds to customers.

4. Sets up items to offer additional product choices based on a customer's initial selection or preference.

5. Encourages cashiers to improve their performance by offering visible personal KPIs at any POS workstation.

6. If a network or a server is unexpectedly interrupted, POS will soldier on! POS continues to process sales until service is restored or the problem is resolved and will consolidate those sales when it is connected again, without any interruption

7. Promotions and deals can be saved into the POS, allowing the system to recognize deals and promotions and apply them automatically on behalf of the operator.

Other Products and Add-ons

1. Web Development

2. Kiosk

3. Digital Signage

4. Customer Experience Manager (CXM)

5. Loyalty

6. Subscriptions

7. POS Hardware

8. Seamless Integrations:

Vista's POS is fully integrated with vouchers & gift cards, loyalty programs, and marketing platforms. Vista also supports multiple payment gateways allowing you to receive payments from any payment processor.


Emagine Entertainment, Limelight Cinemas, iPic Theaters, Lumiere Pavilions, Cineplex, Bow Tie Cinemas, Hoyts Cinemas, Studio Movie Grill & Serve, and Mars Cinema Group.


Pricing information for Vista's POS is supplied by the software provider. So you'll need to contact them for a price quote.


"Still the best option I've seen for cinema management that's offered in the one package. Some improvements could be made, but overall it does the job well." – Anonymous, Capterra.

"Gives you full detailed control of your cinema system from POS usage to film scheduling. It is very intuitive in giving you operational solutions." 

3. Ajwan

The logo of Ajwan POS


Founded in 1992 in Kuwait, Ajwan POS System is a powerful F&B management program for Microsoft Windows OS. It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory while providing an easy and professional customer experience. Today, Ajwan operates in Bahrain, Oman, UAE, and Kuwait.

AjwanPOS Android Software is an innovative technology that allows restaurant owners to manage orders, inventory, reservations, and receipts from a tablet or computer. They also have quick access to accounting, statistics, and more for all sales channels.


1. Supports any Android device with a 10+ inch display.

2. Connects Bill Receipts / Kitchen Order Printer.

3. Changes POS THEME as per your choice.

4. Provides a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for small to mid-size business owners.

5. Offers basic menu inventory management combined with real-time sales business analytics to monitor your business's performance on the go, any time, anywhere.

6. Brings substance to all your restaurant's business lines. (Dine-In, takeaway, delivery, pickup, counter sales, quick Food Service, and canteen service.)

Other Products and Add-ons

1. Finance and Accounting

2. HR & Payroll

3. Business Analytics

4. CRM

5. Catering Software Solutions

6. Marketing

7. Logistics

8. POS Hardware

9. Call Center


Some of the establishments using Ajwan's restaurant POS include Satchi Fahaheel Japanese and Italian Restaurant, Caesars Lebanese Restaurant, Dip N Dip, Subway, Texas Burger and Pasta, MAMA'S Chicken, AKBAR's Restaurant, The Black Slider, China Garden, City Confectionery, and Second Cup Coffee Co.

Other Business Types Ajwan Serves

For the past 20 years, Ajwan has been the go-to POS solution for businesses such as supermarkets & hypermarkets, fashion, mobile, grocery, apparel, footwear, consumer durables, books & music, gifts, and accessories shops.


Prices are given on request. 

 4. Easy POS

The logo of Easy POS


Whether you're looking for a cloud-based point-of-sale system or standalone software, Easy POS is a reliable solution. It offers advanced POS software and complete accounting services for all business sizes.

Easy POS has been in the point-of-sale business for over 12 years. Its software is a global solution supporting different tax formats and currencies. They have different, customizable POS software versions for restaurants, retail stores, and salons.


1. One till with Unlimited Users

2. VAT Ready POS with Complete Accounting software

3. Inventory Management

4. Employee Management

5. Customer Management

6. Vendor Management

7. Powerful Business Analytics

8. Email & Online Support

9. Sales Profit Report

Other Products and Add-ons

1. More tills with Unlimited Users

2. VAT 360 Degree Dashboard

3. AllinOne Touch POS

4. Cash Drawer

5. Thermal Printer

6. Dedicated Training

7. Telephone Support

8. Chat Support

9. VAT Filling Support


Easy POS has been trusted by M.Y FASHION, Berlin Petroleum, Safari Tyres, Cost Less, and M Collection.

Other Business Types EasyPOS Serves

Other business types using Easy POS include retail outlets.


Easy POS solution starts from 399$ one-time payment with annual recurring charges of 100$ only. Their pricing model is customized into four packages; quickStart, Business Delux, Business Premium, and Enterprise.

5. Vend

The logo of Vend POS


Vend by Lightspeed is an e-commerce platform that empowers restaurant owners with the tools they need to compete on price, convenience, and experience. The New Zealand-based company was founded in 2010. Vend's intuitive POS manages inventory, tracks sales performance, integrates with all major order management systems, and delivers everything customers need.

Vend is a web-based point-of-sale system that makes it simple to serve your customers and keep them coming back to your restaurant. It works on Mac or PC, online and offline, and is so easy to use that your staff can master it in no time. It also connects with the most popular point-of-sale equipment & hardware and integrates with various payment providers.


1. Registers

2. 24/7 Customer Support

3. API Access

4. Payment Integrations (Credit cards, contactless payments, mobile payments, gift cards, lay-bys, and buy-now-pay-later)

5. Accounting Integrations (Quickbooks, Xero, and MYOB)

6. E-Commerce Integrations (BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify)

7. Delivery Integrations (Deliverect, Talabat, and many more)

Other Products and Add-ons

1. Loyalty Programs

2. Advanced Reporting

3. Serialization

4. Dedicated Account Manager

5. Premium API Access

6. Customized Onboarding


Elephone, Imagine Exhibitions, TJC, Biome, Great Yellow Brick, Masons, Brika, Grain & Vine, Sennheiser, Hop Burns & Black, and The Brisbane Lions.

Other Business Types Vend Serves

Apart from the food & beverage stores, Vend's clients include players in other industries such as fashion & accessories, homeware & gifts, sports & outdoors, and electronics.


Vend offers four different price packages. The Lean Package is billed at $119/month, or if you go for the annual package, you will be billed at $99/month. The Standard Package is billed at $179/month or $149/month for annual subscribers. And the Advanced Package is billed at $299/month or $229/month for annual subscribers.

There's also The Enterprise package, with price quotes available upon request. You can also ask for a free trial before making a purchase.


"We love the ease of configuration and customization that is available. Looking forward to our growth expansion, we have concluded that we have made the right selection for a POS platform." – Daniel P., Getapp.

"Easy to sell, add products, and manage inventory at a reasonable monthly price for a small business." – John, Trust Pilot.

6. Omega

The logo of Omega Software POS


Omega Software was founded in 1994 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. It provides powerful yet easy-to-use software solutions. These solutions help businesses save time, increase efficiency, manage their operations, perform their day-to-day tasks, and keep up with a fast-changing world.

Omega has been one of the leaders in providing POS systems in the Middle East, with thousands of restaurants and retailers using their POS software. They have maintained a 78% market share in the Lebanese market and extended their services to many restaurants in UAE, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Iraq, Congo, Nigeria, Canada, and many other countries.

O-Live's Features

1. Table Reservation

2. Floor Plans

3. Menu Engineering

4. Inventory Management

5. Loyalty

6. Accounting

7. Mobile Apps & Dashboard

Other Products and Add-ons

1. Cost Control

2. O-Driver

3. Delivery Call Centers Management 

4. Kitchen Display System

5. QR digital Menu

6. Online Ordering

7. Delivery Fleet Management

8. POS Integration 

9. Omega O-Live integrates with endless apps and business platforms for fleet management, online order platforms, delivery apps, payment gateways, and call centers.


Pizza Hut, Anar, Il Fono, Dunkin' Donuts, LA Maison Gâteau, Cinnabon, Burger King, Taco Casa, The Great Factory, Quiznos' Sub, Sky Bar, Buddha Bar, Al Dente, and Cactus, among many others.

Other Business Types Omega Serves

Some other retail businesses served by Omega include grocery stores, supermarkets, gadget shops, toys & gifts shops, hardware stores, clothing & shoe shops, cell phone shops, accessories shops, beauty salons, theme parks, casinos, and more.


You'll need to request a price quotation before subscribing to Omega's POS.  


"Very easy to use the software, yet it is very complete, I can get all that I want in few clicks. The reports are very rich, and our staff is very happy with the POS and the back office. We are using the cloud solution; it is really awesome." Tina D., Softwaresuggest

"Amazing Software all in one, POS BO and Stock management, And they have online and offline solutions. I really recommended OMEGA POS Software in Saudi Arabia." Abd. A

7. Ordermate

The logo of Ordermate POS


OrderMate is an Australia-based company founded in 2001. It has quickly become the leading online order management platform for hotels, restaurants, and bars across the Middle East. 

OrderMate POS systems are created to be fully customizable to suit your venue type. So, whether you're a busy full-service restaurant, a multi-site business, or a standalone cafe, OrderMate can be tailored to your needs. 

Its features are designed with the needs of restaurants in mind and allow you to manage sales, menus, and customer tracking from one easy-to-operate system. OrderMate Front of House software keeps your kitchen and front-of-house working seamlessly and combines all the powerful and necessary features required to keep your restaurant running like clockwork.


1. Advanced Table Management

2. Online/Phone Orders for Pickup & Delivery

3. Contactless Table Ordering

4. Back-Of-House Reporting

5. Mobile Apps & Dashboard

6. Multi-Site Management

7. Loyalty Programs

8. Cloud Accessibility

9. Inventory Management

10. Powerful Integrations: 

OrderMate and Deliverect have partnered to build a reliable two-way integration to connect online order platforms to your POS. With its proprietary technology, OrderMate can be easily integrated with a wide array of corporations like Deliveroo, UberEats, DoorDash, MenuLog, Hungry Hungry, Xero, Linkly, Tyro, and Myguestlist.

Other Products and Add-ons

1. POS Payment Plus

2. Financing POS Systems

3. POS Hardware

4. Business Intelligence


Pickett & Co, Royal Stacks, The Jolly Miller Café, Rozzis, Town & Country, Axil Coffee Roasters, Town & Country, 400 Gradi, Boiler Maker House, YOMG, and The Peacock South Yarra, among others.

Other Business Types OrderMate Serves

Other businesses Odermate caters to include pubs & hotels, stadiums & public arenas, butcheries, bakeries, wineries, and cafes. 


To know the full pricing of OrderMate Hospitality POS Systems, you'll need to request a quote from their website.


"It's user-friendly, easy to use and I don't have to worry. I found the follow-up support and guidance to be extremely professional." – Scott Pickett, Picket & Co.

"Moving to OrderMate has proven to be an extremely valuable move for my business. The head office features and ability to customize certain reports have been extremely beneficial for me to achieve all reports that I desire. The service and support I receive from OrderMate are second to none." – Simon Barbar, The Jolly Miller Café.

8. EPOS Now

The logo of EPOS Now


Epos Now was created in 2011, with its headquarters in Norwich, UK. Since then, they've gone on to help more than 30,000 businesses across three continents leverage the power of cloud technology to streamline their operations and maximize profitability. 

Epos Now is a cloud-based point-of-sale system. It offers restaurants and retail businesses a single, centralized platform to control inventory, back office, and employee activity. Incorporating integrated payments, an online booking system, and a customizable dashboard, Epos Now aims to deliver an all-in-one POS solution.


1. Access Controls/Permissions

2. Web & Mobile Apps

3. Electronic Payments & Electronic Signature

4. Employee Management

5. Kitchen Display System

6. Inventory Management

7. Customized Dashboards

8. Accounting

9. Reporting and Analytics

10. Third-party integrations:

EPOS Now offers integrations with more than 25 business platforms, including PayPal, Gmail, MailChimp, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Eventbrite, QuickBooks Online, Zapier, Xero, Deliverect, and Findmyshift. 

Other Products and Add-ons

1. POS Hardware

2. Gift Card Management


Bannatyne, Beau, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Body Active Gym, Dnisi, Food on Third, easyGroup, Mirage Vape Store, Navaho Coffee, Old Thorns, The Barn, and SG Foods, among others.

Other Business Types Epos Now Serves

Epos Now is used by retailers in various industries, including apparel, furniture & home décor, grocery, sporting goods shops, and many more.


The Restaurant POS and software are now available for $99.


"Great 24/7 support team - elastic SAAS solution that can be customized for various business needs - a cloud-based solution that can work on any device and any operating system." – Wojciech S., Capterra.

"To be honest is pretty much nothing I consult with this software it is amazing. I love the statistics on it the graphs all the financial information that you can gain and the simplicity of it all the amount of information you can extract about your business is Colossal." – Anna,

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365

The logo of Microsoft Dynamics POS


Microsoft Dynamics 365 POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that can work with and sync with any other Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. It's an end-to-end retail solution that enables complete visibility across the entire business's operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to automate POS functions which helps save time and cost. It offers customer engagement capabilities like store operations, marketing, channel management, order management, and business intelligence.


1. Point of sale (POS) operations

2. Pricing, sales, and promotions

3. Inventory management

4. Inventory control & tracking

5. Employee management

6. Information security

7. Customized reports

8. Accounting integration

9. Web integration

10. Customer management & marketing

11. Third-party integrations

Other Products and Add-ons

Microsoft FRx: A software product for financial reporting and analytics.


QBS Group, Emirates Heritage Club, Manazel, UPP, ArgosLabs, Alfalak, NavSherpa, Netronic, Pagero, SaaS Plaza, Adopt, and Xenatus Global.

Other Business Types Dynamics 365 Now Serves

Dynamics 365 provides unified software solutions in various fields, including retail, hospitality, pharmacies, automotive, education, financial services, governments, manufacturing, media & telecommunications.


You can contact Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their full pricing options.


"Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a robust cloud ERP application that is easy to implement. The support for the application is great, and the platform is always improving. It also integrates fairly easily to other Microsoft applications." – Anonymous, G2.

Putting it all together…

To make the best choice for your business, you should have all the information you need (or, at least, as much of it as you can get your hands on). So, if you are shopping for a POS system, you can start with this list, but there are still plenty more options to explore.

Take your time, and make the best decision you can with the available information. And if you ever want to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask us straight away.