How to discover the Best Restaurants in Egypt?

By Hassan Hesham
Are you looking for best Restaurants in Maadi ?

Top 5 Ways to Find Your Next Favorite Place

“Restaurants near me” was the most searched term on Google for restaurants in 2022 in Egypt. With plenty of options available, picking the best restaurant can be a tricky endeavor.  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that will help you find the best restaurants around you. Those ways will give you plenty of information about the restaurant including the quality of food and service, prices, and vibes.

If you’re in charge of picking a restaurant to order food from for a gathering, we have some recommendations for you to find the best places. After deciding on where to eat you can always head to the restaurants’ Instagram or Facebook page to check their menu and in many cases order directly from Meta’s Order Food Button offered by Zyda.


Here are the top 5 ways to find the best restaurants:


Google’s research shows that 40% of people already have a dish in mind when they search for food. And with the new search updates on google, ​​you’ll be able to search for any dish and see the places that offer it. You can even extend your search by adding the term “near me” and Google will automatically show the results according to your location. Just search for best restaurants and automatically you will get search suggestions like best restaurants near me and best restaurants in Maadi. It doesn't stop there! If you saw a picture of a dish you liked on social media, you don't have to comment or send a message asking for the place. You can simply save the picture and head to Google and search using the picture.



TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site and hosts reviews for over four million restaurants. You can use the site to find out where to eat based on guidance from those who have been there before. If you want to discover the best restaurants in Cairo for instance, simply head to Tripadvisor and search for restaurants in Cairo and you will get a list of restaurants with ratings and plenty of reviews that you can check. 


Scene Eats:

Scene Eats is Egypt’s tastiest food culture magazine. It could be your one-stop shop for all things food related. Follow their Instagram and Facebook, or check out their website to find out all about the top restaurants in specific areas, new places to eat, or the best places serving a specific dish. 


What to Eat?:

What to Eat? is the biggest food community in Egypt with over 240K members on its Facebook group. What to Eat is a sub-brand of What to? which enables people to share their recommendations and experiences of Food, movies, work, investment, and much more. You can just post on what to eat asking the community for recommendations or feedback on a specific place and immediately you get hundreds of people recommending places and sharing their personal experiences. If you are looking for restaurants in Maadi for example, just post best restaurants in Maadi or What to eat in Maadi and wait for the recommendations. 


Cairo 360:

If you looking for places specifically in Cairo, then Cairo 360 would be a great option. Cairo 360 is an online magazine that serves as a critical guide to living in Cairo. The site shows reviews and features of all the latest venues Cairo has to offer from restaurants and nightspots to art galleries and shopping. You can head to the website’s restaurants directory and filter by type or area and you get the top places according to your search.