Case Study

Case Study: Bouchée

By Sarah Al-Waleed

Bouchee is an upscale dessert and bakery shop that specializes in crafting handmade delicacies with only the finest premium ingredients. In just eight short months in the market, this incredible dessert brand has established itself as a household name and gained a loyal following among Heliopolis's residents.

Having found great success in pick-up orders, Bouchee wanted to establish new sales channels to expand its reach and capitalize on the growing demand for its products. So it began to explore the online world. Consequently, Bouchee analyzed all the available online options and eventually chose Zyda as its winning champion. 

And soon enough, it was able to establish a new sales channel that allowed it to receive hundreds of orders and experience an entirely different revenue stream.


Given its immense popularity, Bouchee was approached by numerous intermediaries that promised plenty of traffic in return for 30% commission on every sale they made.  

Even though these intermediaries were hoping that Bouchee would jump at the opportunity, little did they know that Bouchee's owners, savvy businessmen that they are, had already set criteria for the ideal partner on this online journey. And these online marketplaces just didn’t make the cut. 

One of the main reasons for this is that Bouchee was focusing on expansion, and they knew that partnering with intermediaries meant giving up a huge chunk of their profits — one that could be used for opening new branches, hiring more staff members, or expanding their own marketing efforts.

Bouchee’s iron-clad checklist for its perfect partner included the following:

  1. 1. A subscription-based model that would allow them to retain their hard-earned profits to support the next chapter of their business expansion.
  3. 2. An online ordering system that would facilitate a quick and seamless integration with their existing POS system. They also wanted one that would provide them with a delivery partner who would understand the delicate nature of their premium product and how it needed to be carefully handled in transit.
  5. 3. A personalized website that would put the dessert shop’s brand promotion ahead of its own and enable Bouchee to claim that website in their own colors and style.
  7. 4. A smooth onboarding process and efficient after-sale customer support. 
  9. Solution
  11. It didn’t take long for Bouchee to find the online ordering system that checked all those boxes: Zyda.
  1. 1. Not only did Zyda offer a subscription-based model that would allow Bouchee to keep 100% of its profits, but they also enabled an effortless integration with its Foodics POS system. 

This was a huge selling point for Bouchee as they didn’t have to invest in new hardware or software to make the two operating systems compatible.

“The whole process was so fast. I just gave Zyda a list of our menu items and photos, and in a matter of two days, our Zyda site was up and running.” Omar Sherif, Bouchee’s owner.

  1. 2. Zyda furnished Bouchee with an ideal delivery partner that was able to meet its requirements and helped it extend its reach through delivery orders.

“The delivery integration was great. It enabled us to gauge the demand for our products and gave us insights into where our next branches could possibly be” Omar Sherif.

  1. 3. Another big plus for Zyda was that they took the lead from Bouchee in its website design. In doing so, they offered Bouchee a Zyda site and a well-crafted menu layout branded in its own colors and style. This was especially important for Bouchee, who wanted its online presence to reflect its brand identity.



  1. 4. Zyda's easy-to-use dashboard and intuitive interface enabled Bouchee's owners, managers, and staff to learn how to use it in no time. This helped them streamline their ordering process and increase the speed of service.
  3. 5. Finally, Zyda's excellent onboarding team and 24/7 after-sale support was the icing on the cake. Bouchee knew it would be in good hands with Zyda, having a competent team of customer support specialists at their beck and call.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism of Zyda's onboarding team. Throughout the on-site training, they made sure that we were entirely satisfied and comfortable using Zyda's dashboard. And even after the onboarding, they'd continuously check in with us to ensure everything is in working order"  Omar Sherif.


Since partnering with Zyda, Bouchee has seen a significant surge in online orders. They achieved this by marketing their site through Instagram and Facebook.

Bouchee's owners also took advantage of Zyda's Order Food button. This helped them direct traffic from Facebook and Instagram straight to their Zyda site. In doing so, they were able to promote their ordering platform and drive massive sales.

Another excellent tactic that Bouchee's owners follow is using their Zyda website as a menu for dine-in customers. This entails encouraging their guests to order through the website instead of giving their customers a physical menu. 

Over and above, Zyda is now an integral part of Bouchee's business. The platform's reliability has helped Bouchee increase incoming orders, streamline its workflow, and expand its operations.

"Today, a significant portion of our revenue comes from our Zyda site. We funnel this revenue towards our expansion plans, covering our business expenses, importing quality ingredients, and increasing awareness for our brand."  Ziad Darwish, Bouchee’s owner.