Case Study

Case Study: Basilico

By Sarah Al-Waleed

In Alexandria, Basilico is a popular destination for anyone looking for an authentic taste of Italy in the heart of the Mediterranean. From their creamy Carbonara to their fragrant Quattro Formaggi pizza, each meal is crafted with passion and care. 

As Basilico was starting its journey, it noticed a growing trend toward online ordering. And although it began selling through online marketplaces, it soon realized the importance of having its own platform.

For Basilico, a platform would not only spare it from paying commissions but also help build a direct line to its customers. So, Basilico partnered with Zyda.

After partnering with Zyda, Basilico started offering its customers an enjoyable online experience, one where both the site structure and the ordering process were optimized. Better yet, its Zyda site was reliable enough to increase the number of orders they receive on a daily basis.


Back when it was still starting out, Basilico began selling through online marketplaces, including Talabat and Elmenus. It didn't have an online channel or a website to sell directly to the end customer.

It didn't take Basilico long to notice that these online marketplaces were limiting in some respects. After that, Basilico's management had made up their minds to build their own online ordering platform:

  1. 1. Basilico saw direct online ordering as an escape from the crippling commissions that had to be paid to the online marketplaces in return for visibility through their websites.
  3. 2. It also wanted to have a direct line to its customers' data so that it could better understand its customers' wants and needs.
  5. 3. Finally, Basilico wanted a website branded with its own logo and visuals. In short, it wanted its online presence to reflect its brand personality.
  7. Over and above, it reasoned that creating a direct online channel would benefit Basilico's bottom line as well as the customers' ordering experience.


There were many solutions to these problems; however, none of them stood out to Basilico. That's when Basilico's management began thinking about building their own website from scratch but soon realized that the process would likely be expensive and time-consuming.

At this point, Basilico needed a reliable partner to deliver what they had envisioned. Soon after, it became aware of Zyda's services and capabilities that addressed every one of its needs: 

  1. 1. Zyda offered Basilico a full-fledged online ordering platform, from menu display & selection to payment integration and delivery management. In doing so, Zyda enabled the Italian restaurant to receive commission-free orders and allowed it to retain its profits to further invest in itself.

"The volume of orders coming through our Zyda website is increasing significantly." Ahmed Hussein, Basilico's owner.

  1. 2. Moreover, Zyda enabled Basilico to have full access to its customers' data, which proved instrumental in understanding customer preferences and improving its service. 
  3. 3. Zyda built Basilico a website that gave it autonomy over its online presence, as well as a visually appealing design that accurately reflected its brand identity.

Check out their Zyda site below. Just click the image to experience it for yourself.

Basilico's Zyda Website


In the beginning, things were slow to pick up. But, as Basilico's customers started warming up to the new way of placing orders, Basilico's sales on Zyda increased accordingly. And it just kept improving over time.

Basilico also activated Zyda's Order Food button on their Facebook and Instagram pages. This enabled them to divert social media traffic to their online ordering platform and increase the frequency of orders.

Additionally, Basilico's speed of service is at an all-time high now that there are no intermediaries between Basilico and its customers. 

All in all, Zyda has helped Basilico grow its online presence. The Italian restaurant now receives orders faster, at a lower cost, and with more control over their customers' data and experience. 

With the help of Zyda, Basilico is now in full command of its digital transformation journey. 

"I didn't expect a solution like Zyda to exist in the Egyptian F&B space. I'm so delighted that I came across this efficient alternative to working with intermediaries. And I strongly recommend it to any business owner looking to save time and money and improve his online ordering process." Ahmed Hussein