Selling Online

Case Study: Arigato

By Hassan Hesham
Arigato Sushi

Arigato Sushi has been one of Cairo's favorite Sushi restaurants since it first opened its doors in 2016. It started with a single branch in Sheikh Zayed and now it expanded its operations to 4 branches spread across Cairo. Arigato’s goal is to expand with more branches aiming to provide the best value for money sushi experience in the market. Currently, Arigato has over 80 employees across their different branches and company.

The owners of Arigato have been proponents of the idea of digitalization and e-commerce. They always had the goal of diversifying their channels offering their customers the option to buy online years before it was a common practice by customers.

They have always known that direct online ordering was the future and when it was the right time, they started looking into solutions that will help them offer their customers an online ordering option and enhance and optimize their delivery service. 

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Arigato was approached by multiple web developers and online service providers. But when they met with Zyda they immediately saw the value of its products. 

“What excited me the most to work with Zyda was their wide range of features and the easy and smooth onboarding process.” Amal El Sakka - Owner of Arigato




Being proactive and ready for any changes and trends has been a huge part of Arigato’s strategy. They wanted to diversify their delivery channels and ease the operational process as delivery orders started to increase. Moreover, Arigato faced the challenge of training its employees on different technologies and channels to have seamless operations and improve customer experience.

Another objective of Arigato was not to give up on any revenues. Even though they are available on different marketplaces that generated a good number of orders, it was important to have their own channel that will generate all the profits directly and solely to Arigato without having to share it with third parties.


After looking into different options Ariagto chose Zyda for the following reasons:

Features:  Zyda provided Arigato with its own online ordering platform alongside plenty of other features like CRM, Analytics, and payment options

Speed: Another reason for choosing Zyda was the speed with which its online ordering platform went live which took a few days from start to finish.

“What encouraged me the most is that I felt that the process is easy”  - Amal El Sakka 

Onboarding experience: Arigato had multiple training sessions that helped their employees get comfortable with the system.

“80% of our employees are familiar with the system that Zyda provides thanks to the training sessions” -  Amal El Sakka

Revenue shares: 
Zyda being a commission-free service has played a huge role in Ariagto’s decision. Knowing that they don't have to give up any shares of their revenues has encouraged them to take that step.

CRM & Analytics: Ariagto’s management and marketing departments rely heavily on CRM to get to know about their customers and the analytics tools that tell them about their performance

Listening to recommendations: Ariagto has always wanted to implement a loyalty program for their customers, and in the last year Zyda announced its cashback loyalty program that became available to all Zyda users. 


  2. To see their Zyda site in action, click on the image belowArigato's direct ordering platform
  3. Impact

  4. Arigato has managed to efficiently utilize the tools and features offered by Zyda, from the CRM, and analytics to the cashback and training sessions. And soon enough they have seen the impact of their efforts. Arigato now generates around 20 to 25 percent of its orders through the direct ordering platform offered by Zyda. This number increases to 30-35% during weekends.

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