8 Hilarious restaurant reviews to make your day

By Ibrahim Zaghw
Hilarious Restaurant Reviews

With everything going online, a positive online review will fatten a restaurant’s bottom line while a negative one could drive customers away from the same restaurant’s doors. So, it comes as no surprise that restaurant owners pay attention to the reviews they get, be it on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or any other online platform. 

However, sometimes a review can be so unique that it deserves special recognition.

And, with that said, here are some of our favorite online reviews:

1. Some customers have such a musical ear that even their reviews will get you tapping your foot to the floor.

Restaurant review that rhymes with the song "Kung Fu Fighting"

2. Many restaurant managers hate seeing “customers” just walk in to use the restroom and then walk out again. But, if that ends up in you getting a positive review, is it such a bad thing?

Restaurant review of guy who used restroom and left yet still enjoyed the overall experience

3. Now, this one might not apply here in Egypt as much as it does in the States, but we just had to add it.

Restuarant review of somone enjoying hookah along with some gunfire

4. Now, while we are fans of the occasional funny review, we are even bigger fans of the witty response. So, what do you say to someone who just complains, complains, and complains?

Restaurant review of a complainer complaining

5. Isn’t it just tragic when a customer gets exactly what they ordered?

Restaurant review of margherita pizza being bad because it was margherita pizza

6. At the other end of that spectrum, isn’t it just as tragic when customers aren’t aware of what they are ordering?

Restauran review of half a pizza, sorry calzone.

7. Sometimes, restaurants will make mistakes. What matters is trying to fix these mistakes. But, some customers just won’t accept an apology, and to these customers, here is the perfect response:

Restaurant review by someone who just can't accept an apology

8. Let’s not forget that there are classic moments when customers write a review for the wrong business.

Review of an animal rehoming center that is stingy with their pizza toppings?

These reviews may be funny, but still… 

While it can be entertaining to read these reviews, the fact remains that restaurants need to manage their online reviews. Not only should they ask their most loyal customers to leave positive online reviews in return for a reward of sorts, but restaurants should also get in touch with customers leaving negative reviews and try to understand how they can improve the situation. 

But, at the end of the day, it is nearly impossible to please everyone. So, don’t worry if you get a negative review here and there, and remember to always keep your eye on the bigger picture.