What is Zyda?

By Ahmed El-Koshiery
Understand what Zyda is in a nutshell.

To fully understand Zyda, it is easier to look at a physical restaurant and draw comparisons. A business owner rents a location to setup his/her store. This facilitates the process of displaying products and conducting sales.

The same applies for Zyda digitally. Business owners acquire an online store through Zyda which facilitates the process of displaying products and conducting sales digitally.

What Zyda offers, is not just an empty website but a fully equipped electronic store ready to be used immediately. The process of setting up a new store takes about 24-48 hours.

Let us dive deeper and look into the requirements for a restaurant.

As a restaurant owner, you need the following to conduct your business:

  • A building with your brand name
  • A menu
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery
  • Marketing

Zyda's digital store meets those needs as follows:

  • Building with brand name: Zyda provides you with your very own website and application. Both have your own brand name and logo.
  • Menu: Zyda has a powerful menu system that allows you to display your food products in various ways. Additionally, you can add countless options which allows customers to customize their orders as they please.
  • Payment methods: Zyda's system integrates with countless payment gateways. This allows your customers to pay electronically or by cash.
  • Delivery: Zyda integrates with many third party delivery service providers. This gives you the option to use your own delivery fleet or use the service of one of our partners.
  • Marketing: Zyda provides you with powerful features that empowers you with data and tools to reach out to current and new customers and encourage them to buy from you.
  • Much more

Zyda is not just a store; it is an integrated and fully-fledged solution ready to empower business owners and target every pain point they have.