Your mobile ordering and payment platform is here.

Plug and play everywhere. Delivery or dine-in. Pick up or virtual drive-through.

Dara's Ice Cream
Wok and Walk
Desouki and Soda
What the Crust
Chicken Fila
Claim your digital space and break free from third parties.
Own your narrative with total control over your brand, marketing and sales campaigns.
Make data-driven decisions with full sales and customer analytics.
Build trust and loyalty with seamless re-ordering and cash back rewards.

Social presence.
Unlocked for growth.

Grow your customer base on social networks and beyond with a branded ordering experience.

Get the likes, and all the orders.

Reclaim the Order Food button and share stories that drive orders with the Order Food sticker. Exclusively enabled by Zyda and Meta.

Order food button and Order food sticker on Instagram. Via Zyda.

QR codes linking the real and digital world.

Create a QR menu for your dine-in and drive-through customers, and offer the option for mobile ordering and payments.

QR code link to OrderFast sticker

Link in bio, made for ordering.

All your channels in one place for new and returning customers who love to find and order from you easily every time.

OrderFast link in bio on Instagram.

Your menu, branded by You.

Great layouts, and make it yours.

Express and align with your visual identity in color, typography and imagery with layouts that express your brand language and are personal to every customer.

Zyda StoreFront layout options

Beautiful in Arabic too.

Set your default language based on your customer's preferences. Serve a wider segment of customers by speaking to them in their language.

Zyda StoreFront in Arabic

Your own link. Secured by SSL.

Own your link with a custom domain that is as unique as your brand with confidence in your platform with secure encryption over customers' data.


A unified checkout experience.

Customers can now have their information saved on the go and updated anytime. We call it OrderFast.

Verified phone numbers

Serve only real customers and deliver every order with great success. No more spam orders. Give your customers the service they deserve.

Phone number verification on OrderFast

Passwordless entry

With FaceID your customers don’t need to go through sign-up forms. Accounts are now linked to their personal devices.

Signing in with Face Id on OrderFast.

Saved addresses

Save your first-time customers the hassle of registering and re-entering their addresses, OrderFast saves them all.

Customer saved address on Zyda StoreFront

Cards saved already.

With over 100K of Orderfast customers, payment becomes quick and easy. Checkout should come ready out of the box.

Selecting credit card payment method on StoreFront

Campaigns that drive results.

Launch targeted SMS campaigns in a few clicks.

Target customer segments

Reward your champions, level up your loyal customers, drive repeat orders, and let your former customers know that you miss them. Your marketing is in the driver seat to help you grow.

Customer segmentation for Campaigns and CRM on Zyda dashboard.


Create and schedule vouchers (discounts, free delivery, happy hour) that drive your marketing goals. Set limits, minimum order amounts, maximum redemptions, or order type. The possibilities are endless.

Vouchers on Zyda StoreFront


All orders in one place

Manage all orders from a single page. Accept new orders, update the progress of current ones and track delivered ones

Full overview of order history

You can see the full history of all orders received since signing up with Zyda. Also, you can export all the data you need into excel.

Set your store as busy

Can't accept more orders? Just click the Busy button on the orders tab and you will immediately stop receiving orders, you can also schedule Busy slots to manage your operations.


Complete customers overview

Easily track individuals or groups of customers. The system segments customers into six groups. Track each group, observe changes, and try to keep good customers while acquiring new loyal ones.

Communicate directly with customers

Send tailored SMS messages to one individual, group, or all your customers. Give special customers well-deserved discounts, or renew the interest of one-timers with an offer.


Acquire the power of insights

View detailed breakdown of sales, including sales numbers, dates, number of orders, and even number of customers. You can compare between months and predict demand.

Compare behaviors

You have all the data you need on trends like delivery vs. pickup, cash vs. credit card, and new vs. returning customers.


You have access to best-selling items and categories. Each item and category contains further breakdowns like total sales, number of orders, and quantities sold.

Branch performance

Find detailed numerical breakdowns for each branch. Additionally, for each branch, you will find further breakdown by delivery zones. Compare performances and find trends.


A unique menu

Create a simple menu or a customizable one; the choice is yours. Each item can have variables like sizes and an unlimited number of add-ons. Create multiple menus and choose between them depending on the day or the season. You can also create different menus for each of your branches.

Adjust your prices

Change the pricing of anything on your menu. You can apply discounts and adjust the price of an item, of one of its variables, or even of an add-on. Just create a new discounted price or apply a percentage.

Keep track of your items

Zyda allows you to track your item availability, you can have inventory for items that can sell over a long period of time, capacity for items that are cooked/baked daily and simple availability to just make something not available for whatever reason.


Make your own vouchers

You can create and customize vouchers. They can be available for a limited time or in limited quantities. Customers can use them one time or multiple times. You are free to make vouchers public, available to anyone, or private and only for the customers you choose.

Social media tracking

Integrate with crucial social media tools like Facebook Business Manager and Google Tag Manager. No developing or coding needed. Connect by logging in or providing a code.

Create your own link-tree

By signing up, you automatically receive a page for all your links. You can add all your links, like your Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter, and have them in one place. Sharing one link gives customers access to all your communication and ordering channels.


Build your brand identity

Set up your store, add your logo, background picture, and your colors. You can also choose from various layout options to make your store yours.

Optimize your reach

Control your delivery areas and zones. You can easily adjust which areas you serve, how much you charge for delivery, and how long your delivery time will be.

Expand your business

Add new branches with a few clicks. Choose your new branch location along with the areas it serves, and your new branch is good to go.

Your Business. Your Rules.

Control every little detail: operating times, minimum order values, scheduled orders, and gift orders.

Integrate with powerful services

Pick the services that fulfill your needs and integrate them directly from your dashboard. Want online payments? Add a payment gateway. No delivery fleet? Add a delivery courier.


Connect your team

Add new users to your shop. They can be operators, managers, or other owners.

“Zyda had been great for my business where I'm looking to know my customers and build a relationship with them. I especially love how customers can order drinks to-go or delivered to their doorstep. OrderFast is one of my favorite features; it makes life easier for the regulars.”

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