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Dara's Ice Cream
Wok and Walk
Desouki and Soda
Koshary Abou Tarek
Chicken Fila

Frequently asked questions

Every question has an answer. If you have further questions, please feel free to book a demo with our sales team.

  • No, Zyda provides you with an ordering website in 48 hours with an easy-to-understand dashboard to manage your store, and all the services you might need to grow your business.

  • Currently, Zyda is available in GCC, Egypt, and Jordan.

  • It’s very simple. All you have to do is: choose your pricing plan and send in your store information, and you’ll get a personalized onboarding experience with full setup in 48 hours and training from the experts of Zyda. Then, add your link/ “Order Food” button on your social media profiles to receive your first order.

  • Yes, it helps you with everything you need to launch, run and manage a successful business through an easy-to-understand dashboard with features and tools to help you retain customers and grow your business.

  • Zyda allows you to set your Facebook and Instagram shops to reach customers everywhere, get the “Order Food” button/sticker, strong CRM, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Snapchat pixel, vouchers and targeted SMS campaigns, and different ordering options (dine-in, pick-up, car pick-up, drive-thru, delivery, scheduled orders, and phone orders).

  • Set your store layouts and branding details easily. Add an unlimited number of branches, products, and users' accounts for your team. Manage your branches, delivery zones, products, inventory, and orders. Use the "Manual order" feature to log and manage orders received from different platforms. Update your customers with order status Via SMS. Store manager app, and around-the-clock customer service.

  • We offer you integrations with Mashkoor, Armada, and Shipa in Kuwait, Survv, Bosta, and Roadrunner in Egypt, as well as Shagardi in KSA, to deliver your orders with good quality and special rates.

  • Yes, we offer you integration with POS systems (Foodics and Deliverect), and online payment gateways (Paymob and Tap) with the lowest transaction fees: Tap fees are 1% for KNET, 2.5% for Visa or MasterCard, and Paymob fees are 2.5% for any transaction. We’re always working to provide you with more integration options.

  • As Zyda is always keen on helping you increase your revenue, Zyda provides you with marketing services with talented Food Photographers/ videographers/ stylists, Freelance Marketers, Graphic designers, Copywriters, Ambassadors, Food suppliers, Kitchen Equipment, and Food packaging suppliers who use Zyda to showcase their talent and products and close the gap between them and restaurants.

  • Zyda doesn’t take any commission, no hidden fees, no setup fees, only the subscription fees, and you receive your payments in your bank account in 48h only with minimal fees.

  • Yes, you can use your own custom domain name if you already have a custom domain, but if you need help getting a custom domain, you’ll use orderfast.com/your-store-name as the URL.

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